Wednesday, September 16, 2009

slow progress

We are moving along, but  couple of things have slowed our progress: I started teaching classes again last week, we decided our fan was too big and have to send it back and wait for the new smaller one (hopefully here by tomorrow), we decided to change the position of the opening through which people enter, plus we are so close to being finished that we are having termination anxiety. Anyway, our new estimated day of completion is Friday. (We are actually finished with the inflatable, but need now to add anchor points and a funnel for the wind tunnel...) So... I thought I'd post images of the last workplace: the garage. This was the worst of them all as it was the smallest and most crowded and the inflatable was huge by then. Good thing we progressed to this space gradually or maybe Le would have quit her job.
In the meantime today we replaced the bottom of the neck. It wasn't too time consuming, but then again we have a lot of experience under our belts by now. Here's Le cutting out the form in the driveway.

Our yard has taken a beating in the process of building the inflatable. here's a big patch of brown grass that has developed as a result of the plastic laying on top of it for only a day or two. The problem wasn't the lack of sunlight, but the heat gain. The plastic traps so much heat on a sunny day it's amazing... The calculations I did to size the fan showed that a majority of the concern here (like 90%) was heat gain from the sun and my lawn proved it...

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