Thursday, October 22, 2009

HOT AIR in Timisoara!

The piece has made it to Romania without problems. No customs issues. We thought it might get hung up along the way because of the unusual contents. In the past there would have been greater difficulty moving things in and out of the country. This happened not because the contents were illegal or controversial, but because the old system was suited for corruption. Today, this piece arrived as it would have in any other place of "free" exchange. It was checked in and allowed to pass. The amount of access to goods and services is perhaps one measure of a democratic, uh, trajectory... In any case, I am encouraged.

Below are some pictures from Timisoara's city hall where it is waiting for us to arrive and assemble. (Thank you Lavinia!) It's a little funny to see the box there so far away when it was here only a week ago. Further proof that the world is small these days........ 

The next posts should be of us traveling to get there and then assembling and mounting the piece. We leave in one week. I will update here and on facebook about our activities, so stay tuned..

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