Tuesday, November 3, 2009

International media frenzy

Unfortunately the winds today were too high to install, so are waiting until tomorrow when there is better weather predicted. 
I did get to participate in a press conference where the mayor of Timisoara, Gheorghe Ciuhandu, introduced our project, and then I presented it in a bit more depth (in english, whew!) Of course, I forgot to say some things that were important to me, but mostly I think it went well. Afterward, I was interviewed by the national Romanian media (Ava stood beside me the whole time) and am wondering if I'll see myself on the news tonight... autographs later.

Here are some of the women who work at the city hall. Lavinia, the one on the left is the one who helped me extensively. She was a real champion for the project in Romania, finding sponsors and publicizing the whole event. She also served as my translator and has helped create and distribute schedules. She has been a real treasure throughout the process. Thank you, Lavinia.

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  1. fabulous pictures so far! i do expect an autograph when you return...